GNSS Repeater Technology

Bring the GNSS signals indoors with ROGER-GPS

As the distributor for the leading brand of GNSS repeaters from ROGER-GPS, Steffe’s & Company LLC. serves commercial clients and government agencies across the Americas.

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Today’s Leading Technology

Streamline Your Business

Improve productivity and efficiency with Pancomp solutions offering mobile time and attendance solutions in real-time for companies operating in the facility & property management, cleaning and security industries.

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Two-Way Radio Technology

Communication When It Matters Most

As part of the Great Dane Enterprises (GDE-Sales) professional sales and marketing company we serve customers looking for state of the art Land Mobile Radio or two-way Radio products in cooperation with a well-established dealer network. Whether you are looking for P25, DMR, TETRA, Simulcast, MPT, or Conventional equipment we can assist, as well as with your Console, Antenna, Digital Linking, Combining, and Power requirements. Feel free to check out the Knowledge Base by clicking the Learn More button below!

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Steffe's & Company, LLC

When communication, safety and efficiency is critical, trust the experts at Steffe’s & Company, LLC. We’ve been providing clients with outstanding service and advanced products for communications and indoor GNSS reception across the Americas since 2013.

Our ROGER-GPS brand of GNSS repeater kits deliver indoor reception of GPS, Glonass and Galileo signals for timing and positioning data and provides the means for maintaining the connection without critical satellite acquisition delays at exit.

Land Mobile Radio and two-way radio equipment and solutions from leading suppliers is offered via our affiliation with GDE-Sales and a well-established dealer network.

For anyone within the Property Management, Janitorial or Cleaning business looking for accurate time and attendance reporting in real-time our Pancomp Clean solution is second to none, while for Security and Guard Companies our Pancomp Secure provides the same and additional security for the mobile personnel. For any of these tested solutions bringing operational savings to your enterprise, contact Steffe’s & Company, LLC.

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Representing Great Dane Enterprises (GDE - Sales) in the Eastern States of CT, KY, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, VA, VT, and WV. GDE-Sales is a professional sales and marketing company serving the Land Mobile Radio market in Canada and the United States of America for over 25 years with professional communications equipment.

Pancomp International Ltd. provides real-time services which increase productivity and improve security, leading to increased profitability for clients. Cleaning companies become more efficient, and security companies can provide guard services verifiable in real-time. Pancomp International Ltd. is a rapidly growing and internationally operating company with excellent competence.

ROGER-GPS is the producer of the leading brand of repeater systems for GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System). Manufactured in Finland and having received the first type approval in the world for a GPS Repeater back in 2008, ROGER-GPS has recently introduced several new multi-constellation capable repeaters covering GPS L1 and L2, Glonass G1, and Galileo E1.

These proven solutions enable customers to use devices relying on a “live” GNSS-signal even while indoors, underground, or inside vehicles. Various positioning system applications used by both commercial and mission critical communications systems rely on time synchronization provided by a live GNSS-signal, and the ROGER-GPS repeater solution brings this signal indoors. Users within the telecom and wireless industry, auto industry, aviation, transit & logistics, public safety and defense, and companies producing, selling and servicing any type of product utilizing GNSS-signals have come to trust ROGER-GPS products globally.

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